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Street Matthew Wellness Center

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Located in Santa claus Monica, Lots of advises, St Matthew Health Center is a top quality medical service. It offers an entire spectrum of medical products and services, including cardiology,

Virtual Data Areas

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Virtual data rooms great companies that need to keep private documents safe and secure. They enable companies to easily share delicate information and control the method from everywhere. This makes

Deal Management Software

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A common cause of using deal management software is always to save time and effort when doing transactions. With the right tool, you can complete a sales in a matter

Glory & Peace

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CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2015 “Kemuliaan bagi Allah di tempat yang mahatinggi, dan damai sejahtera di bumi diantara manusia yang berkenan kepada-Nya” Lukas 2:14 Kemuliaan dan damai berpadu. Inilah damai sejati bagi

Renungan Paskah 2014

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Lukas 23:55-24:12 Ada tiga rangkaian sikap menanggapi kebangkitan Yesus Kristus, yaitu: 1. Perempuan-perempuan yang datang bersama-sama dengan Yesus dari Galilea. Mereka adalah perempuan-perempuan yang mengikuti perjalanan akhir Yesus Kristus menuju